4G Easy4G access with unlimited traffic

  • Common Features
  • Internet access via 4G router wich doesn't need installation
  • Minimum bandwidth guaranteed is 10% of the maximum hired
  • Unlimited traffic
  • Permanence commitment:
    No permanence commitment: 1150 € (VAT not included)
    6 months commitment: 865 € (VAT not included)
    2x6 months commitment: 579 € (VAT not included)
    12 months commitment: 579 € (VAT not included)
    24 months commitment: 295 €(VAT not included)
  • Possibility of changing plans in the middle of the season
  • WiFi router not included (30 €)
  • 4G Easy 5
  • 4G Easy

30Mbps download / 10Mbps upload

Guaranteed speed: 3Mbps download / 1Mbps upload

Register + Installation: Check permanence commitment

* Provision of the service depends on coverage and technical workability

* Not valid rates for public WiFi access areas

* 199€/m for a six months commitment

  • 109€/m
  • Annual commitment
    VAT not included
  • Book now

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