FiberAir EasyBusiness fiber access with a PaP link

  • Common Features
  • Internet access via radio link
  • Asymmetrical links (download bandwidth is usually higher than the upload)
  • Minimum bandwidth guaranteed is 50% of the maximum hired
  • Minimum stay commitment is 6 months (may be suspended in winter)
  • Possibility of changing plans in the middle of the season
  • FiberAir Easy 5
  • FiberAir Easy

3Mbps download / 1Mbps upload

Register + Installation zone 1: 150€ (VAT not included) - Node distance < 1km

Register + Installation zone 2: 250€ (VAT not included) - 1km < Node distance < 2km

Register + Installation zone 3: 350€ (VAT not included) - 2km < Node distance < 4km

Register + Installation custom zone: 450€ (VAT not included) - Node distance > 4km

* 30Mbps download / 10Mbps upload maximum rate

* Not valid rates for public WiFi access areas


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